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Polar-Products are the only products of their type that have withstood over 15 years of demanding field testsPolar-Products can be used by anyone who needs relief from the heatSee why our past customers recommend us without reservationFrequently Asked Questions - Questions about custom Bulk Orders, shipping, pricing, production time, etc.

Polar Neck Wraps personal cooling ties to reduce heat stress.
SuperPro Cool Vests work to prevent heat stress!  On the racetrack in Tucson, AZ.
Polar Products cool ties to reduce heat stress.  Made in the USA since 1992.
rotator cuff injuries, pitchers shoulder, golf elbow
Cool vests to relieve heat stress and increase safety.  Personal cooling gear.
All Day Cooling Vests that work without ice or freezing! phase change, ice vests Polar Bra Coolers beat heat stress and  add lift.
Polar Animal Collars for your canine friends!  Canine coolers.  Cool dog collars.
Cool Crate Pads for K-9's, animal cooing products, dog beds. Equine cooling products and animal cooling Polar Products really work! Classic cars are even cooler when you wear Polar-Products! Cool ties and cool neck wraps for personal cooling and heat stress relief. Firefighting and HazMat pro's love Polar Products personal cooling gear!

Polar-Products work in harmony with the body's natural cooling system to help keep you cool and comfortable - even on the hottest days!  These body coolers work, and we guarantee it. Made in the USA since 1992, Polar-Products stay cool where others don't.  These unique personal cooling devices have  been  tested in a variety of extreme conditions all across the nation and in the farthest corners of the globe. They work! These cooling accessories are used by thousands of people every summer because they help you stay cooler!   

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     Polar-Products on KSAZ Fox 10 Phoenix, Arizona

Polar-Products make really cool gifts!
Our cool neck wraps, cool ties, back wraps, wrist and ankle wraps are all designed to help you stay comfortable even in the hottest weather. The Cool Vest was designed to work long hours with minimal prep time, and the Crate Pads  give hot pets and working canines a nice, cool spot to rest!   We even have pads that help comfortably reduce the swelling associated with knee injuries and surgery! 

     "Your products are really amazing! I'm not afraid of summer now!" 
                                                                                                         LD in Arizona

One of our newest products is the Cool Lift Bra Coolers.   These refreshing, easy-to-use inserts give a cooling, comfortable lift to your day!  

           "Wow!  These things really work!" --  HF in California

      Polar-Products on the Today Show - July 4, 2013

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   "I am so VERY  happy with my Polar Neck Tie.  It works GREAT!   I'm     telling everyone I know.   Thank You!"  -  AW in Florida

Polar-Products were originally designed for desert use and have proven effective in hot climates everywhere. Hot on the job?  Use Polar-Products!  Wear them at your house and save money on air-conditioning!   Use them on vacation so you can  travel while staying cool and comfortable!
                   Celebrating 25 years of being made in the USA! 

They work!
The specialized ingredients in Polar-Products stay cold up to 24 hours with no ice or refrigeration!  Unlike phase change coolers or cool vests using iced or frozen packets, these unique personal coolers maintain a steady cool temperature all day.  Just soak once in the morning for a full day of immediate, long-lasting, comforting relief from the heat!  

"Well, you turned a skeptic into a believer. The first time I used it, it stayed cold for hours...impressive for fighting off the Texas heat!   After I used it, I laid it out flat on a towel and didn't need it for two was STILL cool to the touch.  Great product and it does what they say it will do..."    MC in Texas

Polar-Products also offer great relief for most disorders related to heat stress, including headaches, heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heatstroke.  In addition, these products help people with Multiple Sclerosis stay cooler and more comfortable in hot weather.  Many of our customers have also found relief from hot flashes and bothersome night-sweats!  If you suffer from any of these, or other symptoms of heat sensitivity, you should try Polar-Products!  The neck wraps and other cooling products are simple and effective.  They really work!

    "I just wanted to take a minute to thank you, not only for your wonderful
    products, but also for your outstanding customer services.  I have M.S.
    and your products have significantly increased the quality of my life. 
    Thank you."       MS - Colorado

No Ice, No Refrigeration!
Polar-Products cool vests, neck coolers, cool ties, back, wrist and ankle wraps are worn on key pulse points for maximum effectiveness.  The combined endothermic and evaporative cooling processes actually cool the blood as it flows close to the surface of the skin.   It is an amazingly effective process that works in harmony with the body's natural cooling system!  This comforting process safely lowers internal (core) body temperature to a maintained level that reduces the heat stress on the heart, leading to increased stamina and energy, while increasing the users comfort level - even on the hottest of days and on the most extreme jobs.  Efficient cooling can lead to happier working and playing!  Check out "Our Product Line" at the top left of the page for all our cool gear.

     "Many thanks to everyone at Polar-Products for a great product and
     super service!"       CB in South Carolina

These wonderful coolers have also been used by many to reduce the discomfort of hot flashes, headaches, sprains, and sore muscles.   In addition, these personal coolers have been very successful in lessening the severe effects of heat stress as experienced by people who have ETS,  Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, Ectodermal Dysplasia or heat sensitivity as a result of medications or organ transplants.  
Simple, affordable and effective!
   Polar-Products make summer cooler!

Simply Soak in Water!
Avoid the hassle of ice!   Iced vests and frozen neckwraps tend to start too cold and warm up too soon.   Polar-Products never need to be frozen!  Just soak the products in water to activate.  They are perfect for traveling and vacations too. They will maintain a steady cool temperature all day long!

     "I work in a facility that is ridiculously hot in the summer.  Your products
     have made my days much cooler.  Thank you!"    DS in Missouri

Polar-Products make the best cool vests, cool ties, and personal cooling products available!   The proof is in the wearing - and we guarantee all Polar-Products for both quality and performance.    These heat sensitivity products work!  We've been proving it since 1992 and we know you will be happy with the results.    No gimmicks or false promises here, just  affordable and effective personal cooling gear backed by our full guarantee.   Your cool comfort and customer satisfaction are our primary concerns!

25 years of professional results!
Unlike many of the look-a-like products, Polar-Products do not get slimy, do not smell funky, and only need one soaking in regular water to stay cold all day!  Our original testing was in the deserts of Arizona and New Mexico, and this cooling gear has now been  proven effective in places like Chicago, New York, Houston, and Florida.   Afghanistan, Kuwait and Iraq too!  

                                       Polar-Products really work!  

      Get yours today - Because being cool never goes out of style!

                    Proudly made in America with top-quality materials.
          An Affordable, Simple and Effective Solution to Heat Stress! - The best source for all your personal cooling gear!

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I recently ordered a collar for my neighbor's dog Buster. He's an American Bulldog and he is kept outside all the time. He really suffers in the heat and yesterday and today have been almost record-hot days here, in the high 90's. I put both the collar and the free tie on him because he was so hot and miserable and panting so hard, he couldn't even move. He looked like he was going to die, but these collars saved his life and perked him up. I am enclosing a photo so you can see him wearing them. These are GREAT! Thank you! Buster says thanks too! (They work great on humans too -- I was wearing the necktie and loved it, but Buster needed it more so I gave it to him.)

Anne G. Longview, WA

My husband and I have both tried your products and find they are wonderful to combat the unbearable FL humidity. Thank you for your outstanding products and your phenomenal customer service!

T. Horvatis Tampa, FL
SuperPro Cool Vest
SuperPro Cool Vest Our Price: $39.95
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