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Polar-Products are the only products of their type that have withstood over 15 years of demanding field testsPolar-Products can be used by anyone who needs relief from the heatSee why our past customers recommend us without reservationFrequently Asked Questions - Questions about custom Bulk Orders, shipping, pricing, production time, etc.

Polar-Products can be used by anyone who needs relief from the heat: 
Landscapers, cyclists, warehouse workers, firefighters, construction workers, gardeners, racers, soldiers, and weekend boating fans!  Polar-Products work in both desert and tropical environments and maintain effectiveness even within hazardous containment suits!
                                                                        Polar Neck Wraps and Wrist Wraps help even Haz-Mat teams!

No Air-Conditioning?
Polar-Products are perfect for keeping cool when driving older model and classic cars!
                              Classic cars are cooler when you use Polar Products!
Save Money!
Wear Polar-Products at home to save on air-conditioning costs!  Stay comfortable in an environmentally friendly way!  High energy costs can be lowered by wearing Polar Products!

Keep canteens cool:
The 5"x12" pads are perfect for keeping water in hydration packs sippingly cool!  Just slip a couple of soaked pads outside the bladder of your hydration pack and go!  Wrap bottled water in larger pet pads to keep it cool - even in a hot car!             
            cool pads help keep water cool!                                     Crate pads keep your dog cool - near the show ring, on the boat, or in the backyard!

Polar Products have a wide range of applications: 
In addition to helping reduce the risk of heat stress, Polar-Products may be used when ice is not available to help reduce swelling caused by sprains or injury. Polar-Products may be heated when therapy calls for moist heat. Polar-Products provide great relief to many individuals with health problems such as Multiple Sclerosis and those who suffer the discomfort of debilitating hot flashes.  Polar Therapy Pads also work well for keeping medications cool when refrigeration is not available!  
                                                                                                  The cool vest works on even the hottest days!
Experience the Polar-Products Difference!
Some clients have reported trying similar-looking "knock-off" products, but now ask for Polar Products by name. We specialize in personal cooling, resulting in the best products on the market today.        

Animals Can Benefit Too!
Even hardy outdoor animals enjoy relief from the heat.  We have both Neck and Leg Wraps that can cool a horse down after a workout or during a ride.  Working dogs and outdoor pets can get relief with the cooling collar or by lying on a cool Pet Pad!  
           Keeping cool during the dog days of summer!                             Cool collars for medium to large size dogs - they really work!

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