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Flameretardant Polar Wrap

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Flame-retardant Polar Wrap
A flame-retardant neck cooler to prevent heat stress on really hot jobs! Made with DuPont's Nomex 111A.

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Like our regular Polar Neck Wrap, but made with Nomex 111A flame retardant fabric for wildland fires, and perfect under a firefighter's turnout for structural fires!  A great product for welders and glass-blowers who have to worry about sparks and hot slag, and for people working near molten metal too.   No ice or refrigeration is ever necessary with these personal cooling tools!  Just soak in water, dry, and wear.  It will stay useably cool for up to 24 hours at a time.  

This is one tough cool wrap!  We have tested them in extreme back-country heat, and we have tested them in aluminum and glass factories.  The Flame Retardant Polar Wrap has been proven to provide safe and long-lasting cooling on even the most extreme jobs.  Available in navy blue.

Note:  Some fire captains have hesitated to recommend our product for fear of steam burns.   However, given the state of modern safety gear, this event is highly, even extremely, unlikely. Frankly, if this flame retardant neck cooler starts to get warm under your turnout you probably have bigger life-threatening problems. These products actually save lives by keeping hard working professionals cool on the job!

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