Emergency Preparedness

Jul 8th 2019

Fires, earthquakes, floods - and it is only July!  Every family, and every individual, should have an emergency plan ready in just in case the daily normal is up-ended.

Evacuation routes should be known in advance, in case you need to leave your home.   If you have to shelter in place you should be ready for that too.  Adequate food and water for each family member for several days is a minimum requirement!  If an emergency happens there may not be a chance to hit the grocery store.

In addition to the bare minimums of food and water, it is good to have spare batteries for your flashlights, and a solar charger for your phone can be a good idea too.  

One thing that many modern people forget to be prepared for - weather.  We have heaters and air-conditioners and all kinds of modern conveniences - but none of them may be working during an emergency.  It is easy to layer up to stay warm, but having the means to keep cool during an extended emergency can be live-saving.  Products like the Polar Cool Tie are easy to store, easy to use, and work when you need them too.

In California, PG&E has now warned customers to be prepared for rolling black-outs to prevent increased fire danger.  Don't get caught in the heat without a Polar-Product or two to keep you cool!