Keeping people cool

Keeping people cool

Posted by on Jul 10th 2018

When we started Polar-Products in 1992 it was easy to say we were the best cool ties on the market - because there was nothing like us out there!  When we started selling these cooling products on the internet in 1998 it was easy to find us, because there were only a few companies selling anything like it.  Now there are dozens of companies selling similar looking products and it is easy to get confused by all the different claims.

There are several different styles of personal cooling systems on the market, and some of them are good and some of them aren't.  Our products use a simple system of cooling that works in harmony with your body, and works in a variety of climates. They are not a magic wand, but they do help keep you cool!  We have been in business for 26 years now.  Polar-Products actually work as described and we stand behind every item we sell.  

It is our mission to keep people (and their pets) cool in hot weather. Heat stress is a serious issue and Polar-Products can help people avoid this danger.  We know our products can make a dramatic difference to people working jobs or suffering from MS and other medical conditions, so we work to get each order shipped quickly so relief is quick to arrive.  

Our cooling back wraps, and Cool Lift Bra Inserts, are both unique and effective cooling tools, and our original cooling ties are still some of the best performing neck coolers available!  Our cool crate pads and cool dog collars are great for dogs.

Made in the USA and still guaranteed for both quality and performance.  26 years later, and Polar-Products is still one of the best lines of personal cooling products on the market.