Why do your products stay cold all day when similar products do not?

The answer is in our patented ingredients.  They are specifically designed to pull heat from the body and the evaporative effect keeps them cool all day.  Simply flip the product over every half hour or so to keep gentle cooling against the skin.  Polar-Products will stay cold for a full 24 hours, providing a significant measure of comfort and relief from heat stress and heat exhaustion even in the most extreme conditions.  We guarantee it!


How much do you charge to ship my order?

All Polar-Products retail orders are shipped via US Priority Mail for a flat rate of $7.50 to anywhere in the United States, and usually take 2-3 days for delivery.   We can mail several items in the same package.
International retail orders are shipped via US Priority International Mail for $35.70.  
Orders to Canada are priced at $25.70 and we manually adjust the postage price before processing.  

Whether you are shipping across the country or across the globe, to help with the cost of shipping we include a FREE Polar Cool Tie with each package! 


Can I freeze it or put it in the refrigerator?
It is not recommended.  Refrigerated and frozen products worn around the neck can actually trick the body into turning off its natural evaporative cooling system.  This can lead to a buildup of internal body heat and actually increase the risks of heat prostration. (Also, freezing soaked products may cause the material to burst.)
 Polar-Products are designed to work in harmony with the body and will remain effective all day, providing a steady, maintained cooling without ice or refrigeration.

That being said, it should be noted that we have had reports of people freezing the small therapy pads to use in place of ice therapy, and refrigerating soaked pads for extra cooling in physical therapies.


What do I do with it at the end of the day? Can I just leave it on the kitchen counter?
Rinse your Polar-Product under running water and hang it up to drip dry.  Resoak it for 10-20 minutes the next morning to use it again, or simply leaving it hanging to eventually dry flat.  Wet Polar-Products should always be hung up to air dry to prevent the cloth from deteriorating.  The process of rinsing and hanging is easy to do, and it will help your Polar-Products last longer and work better.


Why does Polar-Products recommend against frozen or iced products?

Every bit of medical advice we have gotten indicates that frozen products should only be left against the skin for short periods of time to avoid damage to the body.  Polar-Products work in harmony with the body - but prolonged exposure to iced products can cause problems.

Ice buckets are often used for sprains and strains on the sporting fields - but only in 20 minute applications.  Ice is painfully cold and the body is not designed to function well at 32 degrees!  So ice packs are usually applied with a "20 minutes off / 20 minutes on" routine.  Longer exposure times can cause frostbite-like damage!

The other common complaint with iced products has to do with the longevity of use.  Most of them start very cold and warm up fairly quickly as the ice melts.  Unless you carry a cooler with spare frozen inserts the products usually quit working too soon to be practical for all day events.  

Polar-Products stay safely cool all day!  The Proof is in the Wearing! 


Can I put it in the washing machine? How long does it last?

We do not recommend washing machines for cleaning your cooling products.  Polar-Products can be hand washed when necessary, then just rinse well and hang to dry.  Re-soak to re-use or leave them hanging and they will dry flat again for storage.  With proper care your Polar-Products should last for about two summers!  All Polar-Products are made in America and are specifically designed to keep hard-working professionals cool.


Are the ingredients inside dangerous?
No.  All ingredients in Polar-Products are safe and non-toxic, and provide a full day of cooling relief without ice or refrigeration!  They really work!


Do you ship to APO AE and FPO addresses?

Yes we do!  All orders are shipped through the US Postal Service, and we can ship to any APO/AE or FPO address.  Regular shipping rates apply.


Where is the bed pad that someone mentioned in a review? I want something that will keep me cool all night. The Outlast mattress pad is not the answer. Thank you.

Many have told us that our Polar Pet Pads work great for people too!  We have heard back from customers who use the #200 size pad to stay cool while sleeping.  Apparently, just having it nearby under the sheets has helped some individuals be cooler and sleep better.  Others have used it inside a pillow case for a cool pillow, and a few people have told us they put it in a pillow case to use as a "cool snuggle" on hot nights.   It really works!


Do you store my payment info or add me to mailing lists?

We value your privacy, and we do not save your payment info on our server, desktop, or in file cabinets.   We will not sell your name, address, e-mail or phone number to mailing lists.   We comply with all merchant security precautions on our site, and have third party security testing and verification done regularly so you can shop here with confidence.


Do you offer multiple piece discounts?

Yes we do!  See the individual products for the listed discounts.  If you have questions you don't see the answer for, just give us a call at 1-800-597-0618.