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Personal Cooling Gear

  • Stay cool all day with the Polar Cool Tie! Easy and effective cool ties help beat heat stress!

    Polar Cooling Ties

    The original personal cooling tie, and still the best!  Polar Cool Wraps and Cool Ties stay cool all day so you do too.  They tie on like a bandanna and literally stay cool all day!  They are easy to use, comfortable to wear, and help...

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  • Polar Helmet Liner

    Polar Helmet Liner

    Here is a simple, yet effective personal cooling insert for helmets, hardhats and caps.  Just soak it in cool water, towel dry the fabric and place in helmet.  No ice or refrigeration needed to get a refreshingly cool ring that fastens to hard...

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  • Polar Neck Wraps keep you cool on the job! Professional cooling gear with Polar Products.

    Polar Neck Wrap

    Here is a professional cooling neck wrap that really works to keep you comfortable on the hottest days.  Made with a safety conscious quick-release fastener, this personal cool wrap is great for beating heat stress.  Great for hot jobs and...

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  • Cool tie in xl - 26" of cooling, 32" total length.

    Extra-long Polar Cool Tie

    Like our Original Polar Tie, these new longer cooling ties are designed to keep you cool in even the hottest weather.  Just soak in water, remove and let drip dry, then wear and stay cool!  These personal cooling ties tend to stay cool a full...

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  • Cool wrist wraps to fight heat stress Polar Wrist Wraps

    Polar Wrist Wraps

    These cooling wrist wraps are sold by the pair and work better than running cool water on your wrists!  These cool wraps work to cool the the entire body and fight heat stress by providing safe and constant cooling on major pulse points...

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  • Polar Bra Coolers Cool Lift bra coolers

    Cool Lift Bra Inserts

    Cool Lift Bra Coolers are a simple solution to an uncomfortably hot bra.  Just insert the cooling pads and they help you stay cool and comfortable, and add a bit of lift too!  Sold by the pair, these personal coolers never need ice or...

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