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Personal Cooling Gear

  • Cool Combo #1

    Stay cool all day!  With one pair of Polar Wrist Wraps plus a Polar Neck Wrap, this cooling wrap combo is designed to keep you comfortable and save you money.  Our cooling neck wraps cool the blood as it circulates up and down your neck, and...

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  • Hydration pack coolers by Polar-Products.  Keeps water cool!  Made in the USA since 1992. Hydro-coolers help hydration packs keep water cooler.


     A pair of 5" x12" cooling pads that work in your hydration pack to keep drinking water sippingly cool!  Just soak the two pads in water and place them on either side of the reservoir bladder before filling the hydration system as usual...

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  • Wildland firefighters staying cool with Polar Neck Wraps made with flame retardant fabric. Flame-retardant cool neck wrap for welders, glass workers, and firefighters.

    Flame-retardant Cool Wrap

    This pro-grade cooling neck wrap is like our regular Polar Neck Wrap, but made with Nomex 111A flame-retardant fabric. A great personal cooling tool for wildland firefighters, and perfect under a firefighter's turnout for structural fires!  Also a...

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  • Polar Back Wrap fights heat stress, increases comfort, and works great under overalls and safety suits. Body cooling power with the Polar Back Wrap!

    Polar Back Wrap

    This unique cooling wrap is a powerful personal cooler.  It specifically cools the blood flow around the lower back and easily works as well as most cool vests!   It has three channels of cooling that fit comfortably around the waist,...

    $24.95 - $29.95
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