Personal Cooling Gear

  • Cool neck wraps and cool ties to beat heat stress! Cool neck wraps and cool ties to beat heat stress!

    Family Cool Combo

    Save on personal cooling gear for the entire family!  2 Polar Neck Wraps help keep the adults cool while 3 Polar Cool Ties are perfect body coolers for every size neck.  Each package comes with your choice of matched or mixed colors plus a...

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  • Cool neck and wrist wraps for beating heat stress.  Canteen cooler and cool helmet liner included. Cool helmet liner - just soak in water!

    Military Cool Combo

    Whether serving in a combat unit or a support position, military duty in the desert can be hot beyond comprehension.  The heat intensifies the weight of the gear and increases the job stress.   Polar-Products temperature control...

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  • Polar Back Wrap, Cool Neck Wrap, Cooling Wrist Wraps beat heat stress.
Cool Combo in tan before soaking. Cool Combo, in black, soaked and ready to stay cool all day!

    SuperCool Combo

    This cooling wrap package puts powerful cooling on pulse points at the neck, wrist, and lower back!  It cools the whole body, even in extreme situations, and helps you to stay cool all day.  This cooling neck, wrist and cooling back wrap combo...

    $39.95 - $44.95
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