Polar Animal Products

  • Keeping pets cool and happy with the Polar Animal Collar! Sheika the Akita, no heat stress on a 101* day in Arizona.

    Polar Animal Collar

    A safe and long lasting cooling wrap to keep your dogs cool!  This cool collar has a quick release hook and loop fastener for safety and ease of use.    Just like a super cool tie, these cooling collars really do work to...

    $8.75 - $9.50
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  • Cool Crate Pad by the pool! Cute & extra-cool on the kitchen floor.

    Polar Crate Pad

    Help your dog stay cool!   These cool crate pads are designed to fit inside travel crates and kennels, and are the perfect canine cooling pads to use at home too. The durable twill material prevents punctures, and the non-toxic ingredients...

    $19.95 - $59.95
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  • Equine coolers that work! A cool wrap for horses to beat heat stress.

    Polar Horse Collar

    A 50" long, three-channel neck wrap that provides enough cooling to help a horse!  Light-weight and durable.  Hook and loop fasteners make it easy to put on and use. Equine heat stress is a real issue, and these unique horse coolers really...

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